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ZSK Special Embroidery

Special Embroidery Machines

The special embroidery machines from ZSK provide an excellent basis to acheive superior embroidery designs. ZSK special embroidery machines are based upon two to three different heads, which either solely or together create inimitable designs. The technical possibilities will exceed your power of imagination. ZSK special machines are known for high speed, precision, reliability and ease-of-use.


Embroidery machines with the K-Head have been developed for demanding chain-stitch and moss embroidery. The concept of using four motors per head enables individual variation of the needle, presser foot and thread carrier.

State of the art technology enables you to use different setups for different effects. It permits you to react on different threads, embroidery material and designs. The unique motor concept is the basis for quality products.

The K-Head can be combined with the Standard and W-Head. The combination of different embroidery modes leads to striking new effects. ZSK special embroidery machines are a tool to transform your creativity into textiles.



ZSK special embroidery machines with the W-Head are capable to embroider ribbons, cords and fancy yarns. This leads to new and impressive embroidery designs. In the past, this kind of embroidery could only be effected manually. ZSK provides an opportunity to use machines, which are reliable, fast and efficient.

The different embroidery modes for ribbons, coiling and zig-zag help to react on different threads. The thread is placed next to the needle and moves freely. The upper thread is used to fix the fancy yarn onto the fabric.

For multi-colour embroidery, the W-Head can be combined with the standard head or the K-Head, thus increasing the flexibility and amount of possible applications.



ZSK Special Embroidery