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  1. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 10" x 10" frame

    Embroider large designs on the backs of jackets with ease! The strong magnets attract through even the thickest materials, and the large embroidery area allows space for wonderful designs and creations.


  2. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 11" x 13" frame

    Large designs can be embroidered with ease with the 11" x 13" frame. Snap the frame into place with ease on thick, heavy fabrics such as mattress materials and leather.

  3. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 12" x 15" frame

    Create fantastic designs on heavy duty garments with the ease of the Mighty Hoop® frames. Embroider items such as leather and heavy weight jackets as easily as a polo shirt.

  4. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 13" x 16" frame

    The largest of the Mighty Hoop® frames, the 13" x 16" frame will enable endless possibilities. Embroider intricate designs on large textiles such as quilts, heavy weight towels and more.

  5. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 13" x 4.25" frame

    Embroider easily on jacket sleeves and trouser legs with the narrow 13" x 4.25" frame. 

  6. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 4.25" frame

    The smallest of the Mighty Hoop® frames, the 4.25" frame is ideal for name badges, small logos and other small designs. Clamp over zips, velcro, buttons and more with the strong magnets.

  7. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 5.5" frame

    Embroider difficult items such as belts, wallets and much more with strong magnets and simple clamping techniques. Use the hooping station and fixture to hoop garments in the same place each and every time.

  8. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 6.25" x 8.25" frame

    Hooping thick garments has never been so easy with the Mighty Hoop® frames. Guaranteed same location hooping each and every time, ideal for job lots of the same design or same garment.

  9. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 7.25" frame

    Embroider chest logos onto stubborn garments in the same place with ease. Clamp over zips, pocket buttons and other items that may prevent hooping with standard frames.

  10. HoopMaster Mighty Hoop® 8" x 13" frame

    Clamp any material with ease and precision each and every time. Minimal clamp marks left on the garments and strong magnets for easy clamping speeds up your production saving time and money.

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10 Item(s)