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HoopMaster Magnetic Mighty Hoop

No Stress...
Make clamping a snap!

The Mighty Hoop® embroidery frames from Hoopmaster are equipped with strong magents, making clamping a snap. No more adjusting of frames, the frame automatically suits to all kinds of material, hardly any stress for your arms and hands since the magnets attract themselves and no remaining clamping marks on sensitive textiles.

Clamping over buttons, zippers and other applications on textiles that may have prevented you hooping up with a standard frame has never been so easy. Save time hooping and increase your productivity.

All Hoopmaster products are special order items and may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Starter Packs
Get the complete starter pack to get your hooping running more efficiently. Includes everything you will need to get you started.
Hooping Stations
Choose the hooping station that is best for the style of garments you embroider. With different sizes available to suit baby and infant to large adult sizes.
Make sure your tension is right with the best frame for the job. Remember with embroidery frames, the design wants to sit just nicely inside the frame without too much space around it. This will prevent loss of tension in the fabric and enable your embroidery to look its best.
All Mighty Hoop® frames require a fixture to go onto the hooping station. Choose the correct fixture for your frame to guarantee precision hooping time and time again.
Additional Extras
Need an extender for your station to hoop even larger garments? Or possibly a portable mounting base for the fixtures. Add to your Mighty Hoop® collection with additional extras to make hooping even more easier!

HoopMaster Magnetic Mighty Hoop