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Isacord Thread

Isacord embroidery thread
100% Polyester

Isacord embroidery thread is the world's finest universal embroidery thread. Used for a wide range of applications, Isacord is produced from high sheen, top quality trilobal polyester. This thread combines sheen and softness with high tensile strength and excellent colour fastness. Nearly twice the strength of rayon thread, Isacord is the smoothest running and most reliable thread produced. With an impressive colour range of 315 shades available in 1000 metre and 5000 metre king spools, together with the metallic and variegated threads.

1000 metre cones
Choose from 315 shades in our 1000 metre stock.
5000 metre cones
Choose from the top 50 Isacord colours in 5000 metre cones. Please note that any other colour is available by special order of 6 cones.
Isamet Metallic
Choose from gold and silver available in 1000 metre cones. Other colours are available by special order.
Isacord Variegated
Create wonderful designs with variegated threads, all available in 1000 metre cones.
Starter Packs
Not sure on what you will or won't need? Choose our 1000m or 5000m starter pack. Includes the top 50 Isacord colours, backings, toppings, needles, bobbins and more to get you going.
Shade cards
Need to match up a colour, but can't guarantee screen or print resolution? Invest in a wound shade card with actual thread wound to the card for guaranteed colour matching.
Download a PDF copy of our shade card, thread information, washing and care instructions and other useful bits to know.

Isacord Thread