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Brother PR1050x

Quick Overview

Commercial 10 needle embroidery machine.

Experience the ultimate in embroidery with unlimited creative possibilities

The new PR1050x is the latest 10 needle commercial embroidery machine from Brother Sewing. With brand new features including a larger touch screen display, large embroidery area and new frames specifically designed to fit the PR1050x, this machine brings a whole new meaning to the embroidery industry. Increase your productivity with ease to use functions including automatic needle threading, flexible threading systems, and 606 built in designs to choose from.

Free delivery, installation and training!

Contact us for your personalised quote today. Flexible finance packages available.

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Take your embroidery skills to the next level with the PR1050X, ideal for both home and business alike. The machine offers a miltitude of features and colour combinations, plus an extra large work area, so you can embroider countless items with infinite design options. What's more, it offers optimal stitching quality and easy-to-use controls.

With new advanced features for extra versatility, including the camera sensor which enables you to go up to 1,000 stitches backwards and forwards in a design, the PR1050X is the optimum machine for your home or business embroidery requirements.

Use the position scanning feature to scan projects in the hoop and display them on the large screen, so you can easily position the design before you start to embroider. Ideal for positioning patterns on necklines or complex quilt squares. parrters can be re-sized, edited and the angle adjusted as required to suit the garment or project.

The new 'My Design Centre' allows you to create your own embroidery designs quickly and easily! This pwerful and unique feature enables you to create your own designs from clip art, images files or drawing directly on the large touch screen, or scanning line-art or illustrations printed on paper. (Seperate purchase of PRSCANFKIT1 is required to activate this feature.)


Ten needles

  • Ten needles for ten different colours
  • Create designs with up to ten different colours without changing threads
  • Re-allocate colours within the machine

NEW Larger LCD touch screen display

  • The new larger display panel is 10.1", larger than the PR1000e
  • Edit and customise designs on screen
  • Easy to use functions
  • Tutorials and video guides with quick and easy access

Camera positioning sensor

  • Built-in camera to make easy positioning of embroidery
  • Use the 'snowman' sensor stickers which the camera automatically recognizes for easy positioning
  • Position you embroidery exactly where required


Large embroidery area

  • Larger embroidery area than the PR655
  • Embroidery up to 360mm x 200mm
  • Perfect for the embroidery on larger garments such as jacket backs and quilts etc.
  • Large range of frames makes embroidery possible on almost any garment or textile


Single head, 10 needles


Automatic needle threading


LED lighting system


Customise designs on-screen


37 fonts & 606 designs built-in, including monogramming


Large 360 x 200 embroidery area


Flexible threading system


Easy access to bobbin area


New larger 10.1" touch screen control


LED thread guides


Camera positioning sensor


USB & SD card slots


Features & Benefits

Up to 1,000 stitches per minute

Variable speed range, flat 400 to 1,000 spm, cap 400 to 600 spm

Large embroidery area

360mm x 200mm embroidery area enables you to create even bigger embroidery designs. Add flexibility and impact to your designs.

Large colour LCD touch screen

Stitch information and informative tutorial guides are all accessed simply and quickly thanks to the large screen

Exclusive automatic needle threader

Simply press the automatic needle threading button to see the upper thread pass through the needle quickly and securely

Automatic thread trimmers

Cuts upper and lower thread automatically at the end of each colour change on embroidery

Built in lettering styles

37 lettering fonts to customise your projects with a range of lettering styles

Built-in designs embroidery frame patters

140 (10 shapes and 14 stitch types). Several stitch types can be combined with different frames, such as circle or square.

Built-in monogram styles

3 lettering & 15 frame designs. Monogram designs can be created by combining two or three letters. Also monogram frames can be added.

Built-in designs

Quickly and simply personalise your project with 538 designs, with a chouse of alphabet designs, frame patters or a selection of embroidery designs.

Individual stitch back-up

With the easy-to-use touch screen you can search through the design by individual stitches, colour blocks or groups of one hundred stitches.

Appliqué function

New enhanced appliqué function to create full-colour appliqués, perfect for badges and medallions.

USB ports (2x Host, 1x Slave)

Import designs from USB memory stick or from a direct PC connection.

SD Card compatability

Upload designs in .PES format using the SD card slot.


Set back/forward over the design +/- 500 stitches.

Camera function

Advance camera sensing function for design positioning and backwards/forwards function.

Double-sided Clamp Frame M

100x100mm. One side with blush type (for general fabric) and the other side with rubber type (for glossy materis. Exclusive to the PR1050X.

Sleeve frame

70x200mm. Ideal for adding embroidery to sleeves, trousers, baby grows etc. Exclusive to the PR1050X.

Compact frames

Ideal to embroider hard to reach areas such as sleeves, jeans pockets, baby clothing etc. Frame sizes: 70x41mm, 50x50mm, 44x38mm and 33x75mm. Exclusive to the PR1050X

PR Machine Stand

This mobile stand securely holds PR series machines and provides ample storage for accessories and threads.

Wide table

Wide table to support large and heavy projects such as blankets and jackets etc. It is recommended to stabilize the fabric.

Round frame kit

The round frame kit includes 3 round frames and the arm required. Frame sizes: 100mm, 130mm and 160mm

Tubular frames

4 standard frames included with every new machine, sizes 300x200mm, 180x130mm, 100x100mm & 60x40mm

Jumbo frame

Embroider extra large designs with ease. Simply embroider the first half of the design and turn the hoop 180 degrees. The camera sensor system will position the frame ready to embroider the second half of the design.

Cylinder frame

Embroidery virtually anything that's cylindrical. Cylinder frame 90mm wide and 80mm high.

Cap frame

Embroider your caps effortlessly. The embroidery area is a generous 360mm x up to 60mm high

Border frame

Embroider beautiful continuous designs and borders. Ideal for a wide range of projects from fashion to furnishings.

HoopMaster Mighty Hoop®

Use the science of magnetics to make clamping fast, easy and precise every time.

View our full range of optional accessories for the PR1050X.

Machine Technical Data





Max. Stitches per minute - Tubular/Flat


Max. Stitches per minute - Cap


Width x Depth x Height (mm)

758 x 818 x 1,049

Power Supply

220 - 240V

Bobbin type


Weight (Kg)


Embroidery Field 

Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Border frame Max. (mm)

300 x 100

Tubular Max. (mm)

360 x 200

Cap Max. (mm)

360 x 60


What do you get from Stocks?

As one of the leading UK suppliers of Brother commercial embroidery machinery, we offer incredible start up packages, free delivery, installation and training nationwide, complete over-the-phone support with our trained engineers and 12 month on-site warranty as standard with any Brother machine purchase. You can be confident that we will support you from the threading of a needle to tackling new challenges. 

Free delivery, installation and training
We will deliver and install your new machine at any address within the UK absolutely free of charge. With trained engineers all over the UK, we can get to you sooner. You will then receive first hand training from our Brother trained engineers, going through the operations of the machine, maintenance and anything else you will need to know to get you up and running. All of our engineers have received quality training from the experts at Brother, so we know exactly what we are talking about.

12 month warranty and life-time support
All of our Brother machines come with a 12 month on-site warranty. We are sure you won't need us, but if something does go wrong, we will be straight out to your premises as soon as possible. We also offer online and telephone support for the life-time of your machine. Speak to our engineers over the phone to diagnose and solve any technical queries, or just for some friendly advice if there is anything you aren't sure of. All of our customers have full access to our portal filled with useful information, tips and tricks of the trade.

Payment and trade-up options
We have great finance packages, tailored to suit you. See our finance tab for more information. We offer guaranteed buy-back and part exchange on all machines originally bought from us. We will help you as best we can to keep your machinery up to date and able to cope with your growing work load.

We like to help as much as we can, so here's how you can get your hands on a Brother PR1050X...

Option 1
Cash, Debit card or Cheque. Pay outright for your machine so that you don't have to worry about future payments. We do not accept any type of Credit Card for machine payments.


Option 3
Business leasing. Discuss these options with our sales team for more information. Leasing is lease-purchase, meaning the machine is yours at the end of the term. Finance agreed over the phone. Subject to terms & conditions.

3-5 Year Business Leasing

Business leasing quote for PR1050X at £7,499.17.00 (excluding vat) - EXAMPLE ONLY

2 Year Lease

Weekly payment               £90.86
First payment                    £393.71
23 Monthly payments       £393.71
Total cost                          £9,448.95
Tax relief @ 21%                  £1,984.28

Net cost of finance         £7,464.67


3 Year Lease

Weekly payment               £65.76
First payment                    £284.97
35 Monthly payments       £284.97
Total cost                          £10,258.86
Tax relief @ 21%              £2,154.36

Net cost of finance         £8,104.50


4 Year Lease

Weekly payment               £56.04
First payment                    £242.82
47 Monthly payments       £242.82
Total cost                          £11,655.51
Tax relief @ 21%              £2,447.66

Net cost of finance         £9,207.85

5 Year Lease

Weekly payment               £48.46
First payment                    £209.98
59 Monthly payments       £209.98
Total cost                          £12,598.61
Tax relief @ 21%              £2,645.71

Net cost of finance         £9,952.90

Fixed rates for the length of the agreement
Major tax advantages - every payment is 100% allowable against tax
Spreading the cost of the equipment makes it easier to obtain higher specification equipment
Maintain cash within the business for future growth

All payments shown in example are subject to VAT. The tax relief shown is for illustration purposes only. Please contact us to discuss how tax relief can work for you, or alternatively speak to your accountant who will be able to clarify matters for you.