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Using Embroidery To Create Unique Baby Items

For most parents there is an emotional connection to anything that is considered a 'baby's first'. Often there is nothing exceptional about these items but adding a little embroidery can create a truly unique piece that can be kept forever. Whether someone is looking for a unique baby present for a friend's child or something different for their own child, embroidery can make a real difference.


 Here are some ideas.

1. The First Pair of Socks

Baby's first pair of socks may be cute but they are extremely small. One option to make them truly unique without needing a lot of room is to add the date the baby was born on one sock and embroider their initials on the other.

2. The First Hat

With a first hat there will be a little more space for embroidery work. There will be something that could be placed on the hat that has particular significance for the parents. Perhaps something connected to a nickname they have had for the baby during pregnancy, or an animal or object that has a specific connotation for the parents' relationship.

3. The First Baby-Grow

Embroidery work on a baby-grow can be a bit more elaborate. Perhaps there is a quote from a favourite children's book that would be perfect for the newest bundle of joy.

A Memorable Keepsake

When extra effort is put into an item of clothing like adding embroidery it shouldn't be placed in a box in the attic. The beauty of baby clothes is that they are small enough to put in a frame to be displayed after use. This special and extremely personal piece of art will liven up any child's room without adding a lot of additional expense.

Personal childhood keepsakes like this are in high demand as people seek out different gifts for baby presents. There are a few fantastic industrial sewing machines out there that can make the task of creating each gift so much easier. Stocks have some brilliant options available. For more information or to contact Stocks directly please see here