A tailor’s job is never easy, but it’s usually rewarding. For those times when the thread catches, or the cat gets hold of your supplies, we’ve got the answer. In this blog we’ll be looking at how you can best augment your work and/or hobby with these nifty embroidery hacks.

Keep Spare Parts – ZSK Hook

1) Organisation – Great Stationary, Compartment Boxes, Spare Parts

A tailor’s best friend is always organisation. If you find that you’re frequently misplacing things then there isn’t a specific tool on Earth that can help you. What you need is to get excited about organisation, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy doing this.

If you find that your supplies are spilling over then you either need bigger drawers or a clear out. Once you’ve expanded / cut back, go to your local stationery shop and buy some cute labels that will fire you up about getting tidy and, more importantly, staying tidy.

The next step is to label your drawers; make them attractive enough for you to want to use them. Buy transparent tool boxes for all those little bits and pieces (spare bobbins, embroidery scissors, seam rippers, machine needles etc.).

Buy spares for all of those little things that can really set you back when you run out or them; don’t forget aerosols and lubricants for keeping your industrial sewing machines at their best. Get passionate about turning your operation into a tight ship and see your output start to rocket.

2) Embroidery Thread Winder - £3.55 (Homecrafts)

An embroidery thread winder is an ultimate accessory. Picture the scene: you’re just about to change threads on your machine when suddenly, a co-worker or relative bursts through the doors with unimportant news. You, in your surprise, send the new spool soaring through the air, unwinding as it goes, taking your motivation along with it.

You’ll never be victim to an unspooled thread ever again with this cheap trick. The embroidery thread winder will more than half the time it takes to respool your lost threads. How nifty is that?

3) Sewing Lamp - £24 (Stocks Embroidery and Sewing Machines)

Save yourself a new glasses prescription by investing in a sewing lamp or two. These flexible headlamps allow for intense light at any angle, helping you to better see your creations and discover any faults, without straining your eyes. Your eyes are important for your work, so take care of them with a sewing lamp.

4) HoopMaster Mighty Hoop - £150+ (Stocks Embroidery and Sewing Machines)

The HoopMaster Mighty Hoop will automatically adjust to all kinds of material; no more faffing about, struggling against your frame – the HoopMaster makes the best use of magnets in the embroidery industry.

Your standard hoop might not be fitted to clamp over tricky terrains such as buttons or zippers, but the HoopMaster can handle these struggles without qualms. There are many versions of the HoopMaster, so read on to find out which HoopMaster Embroidery Hoop is right for you.

HoopMaster Starter Pack

5) Upgrade Current Stock

Sometimes it’s not so much a case of buying new tools as it is upgrading the items that you have used and know will benefit your business. Perhaps your embroidery scissors are getting a little dull and you need something a little longer-lasting this time? When buying replacements or upgrades, keep quality and longevity in mind.

Upgrading your backings and toppings can, for example, vastly improve the quality of your work, if used correctly. If you’re looking to improve your organisation and save on time, perhaps our pre-wound bobbins are precisely what you need. If you’re feeling unsure about the benefits, you can contact us, and we’ll do our best to advise you on what will work best with your current project.

6) A Good Embroidery Blog - Priceless

Like organisation, help and advice are also priceless. Finding yourself a good blog (like this one!) to help problem-solve and inspire, can be fundamental to a good work ethic. Whenever you’re struggling or frustrated, know that you aren’t alone. Find a blog or two to keep you company on your creative journey.

For all of your embroidery supplies inquiries, come to Stocks. We’ve got everything from needles and thread to hoops and lamps. Sometimes we even have sales, so keep checking back for more news.