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The Embroiders Guide: Popular Items to Embroider in Winter


Embroidery is a beautiful art form many consumers admire. During the winter months, there are plenty of festive designs to embroider on your popular products. With your employees’ skills as master embroiderers, however, which products can your detailed embroidery transform into popular items this winter season?



It may seem like a cliché, but during the winter months, especially with Christmas only round the corner, stockings are flying off of the shelves as they're hung at the foot of beds, and above roaring fireplaces. Embroidered stockings, however, can be far more aesthetically pleasing than a simple block colour.

Transform your stockings from plain cloth to works of art with decorative borders or a detailed centre design.



Cushions are a great product to work your embroidering skills. Used as a stylistic statement in your customer's home, embroidered cushions can give their home a warming, festive feel during the winter months.

Simple threaded designs allow your employees to get creative with seasonal images of good will and topical creative designs to decorate the home with. Of course giving your cushion a little glitter allows your product to appeal to a wider consumer audience and fits right in with the magic of the winter season.


Blankets and Table Cloths

If you find that the blankets and table cloths you're stitching aren't flying off of the shelves as you would like, adding in a beautiful section of embroidery could help.

While plain table cloths and blankets are simple, embroidery takes your products to a more appealing level. Embroidery can transform your products into treasured items brought out and shown off to guests during a special occasion, or they could be handed down from one generation to another. 


We understand the importance of embroidery to your business and we fully appreciate the beauty of your embroidery. Our Brother embroidery machine range is here to help make embroidering your stunning designs onto your most popular items a little bit easier. For more information, or to find out about what else we have to offer, don't hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0113 242 9378. You can also contact us via liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter!