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3 Ways To Include Embroidery In Wedding Dress Design


As the most intricate, complex and expensive dress most women will wear in their lifetime, it's no surprise that embroidery, along with beading and sequins, are all huge trends when it comes to the design of many wedding gowns. If you want to add unique, beautiful patterns and personalised passages to your client's wedding day, embroidery is the best way to go.

 Make It Personal

Embroidery can be a great way to add a personal touch to a wedding dress, and with the trend for personalised and unique wedding items ever growing, being able to offer added extras like the lyrics of the couple's first dance, a note of their affections for each other or even their initials and wedding date to an item that's such a huge part of the day can help to create lasting, happy memories.

Offering additional embroidery to a wedding design creation process not only creates very little additional work, but clients will appreciate the personal touch you provide.

Intricate Design Work

Simple is out and intricate designs that keep you looking are in. Think beautiful floral patterns and intricate William Morris style designs combined with select beading. More complex and labour-intensive than simple lace, embroidery adds an extra dimension to a beautiful design and can be produced even on the most delicate of tulle.

Design work can be customised to the location or wedding flowers.

Matching Accessories

For a dress that has been passed down for generations, or was purchased second hand, embroidery can be used to tie items of the bride's ensemble together - from adding essential detail to a veil to updating and renewing an old frock that needs a facelift. For the customisation and modernisation of classic bridal pieces, embroidery is your best choice.

An industrial embroidery machine can quickly and easily upgrade any dated dress to something perfect for the modern bride.

If you're looking to upgrade your embroidery facilities, or want to know more about how using sewing and embroidery machines can improve any wedding dress, contact us today.