Making clothing is something that has been happening since the dawn of the human age. While it is a profession as old as time, the way in which we design, create and supply apparel has changed drastically over the years. As with most things in 21st century life, technology has completely altered the face of the apparel industry, meaning that business owners and designers have to keep up with new practices, machines and technologies.


Of course, traditional machines are still used within the industry, but in order to keep up with the fast pace, it is important not to disregard new technologies. Modern embroidery machines, for example, allow you to upload images and have them recreated through embroidery onto your items of clothing.

This allows for more complex designs to be created whilst maintaining a level of consistency that retailers would be looking for.

Not only can modern technology help you to produce items that will meet requirements, they can also be cost-efficient and truly make your life easier. Some machines are able to produce large numbers of high-quality pieces in a short space of time that just wouldn’t be possible with human workers. Of course, a machine can’t replace your workforce entirely, but they can help to take over some volume of work, making you more efficient.

Keeping up with new trends, practices and technologies also allow you to be consistently prepared as the industry changes. You can avoid ending up with a large gap between the way you work and the way other companies work if you always have your finger on the pulse of industry updates.

There are countless new technologies being introduced and trialled every year, not all of which will stay around for the long-term. However, there are certain changes which we expect to stick around, such as ‘Industry 4.0’. This will be when everything is connected in the cloud, allowing for communication between all elements such as machines and systems. This would allow for a more efficient and effective way of working, creating stronger links between manufacturers and retailers.

At Stocks, we have seen a huge number of changes over the years. Having been established in 1971, we have plenty of experience adapting to new technologies and practices, allowing us to stay around for so long. This expertise is something that we offer our customers, aiding them in working with modern machines which could revolutionise their business.

If you are looking to update the way you work with modern machines, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our experienced team. We would be more than happy to advise you on the type of machine you may need and how you can work with the technology.

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