If you are starting your own bespoke soft furnishings small business, an easy yet effective window dressing that you could create is a scarf swag valance. A scarf swag valance is created by looping a length of soft fabric over the window pole so that it drapes down on either side. You could choose a swag that falls right down to the floor, ending in a ‘puddle’, or opt for a less dramatic look where the swag just reaches the window sill. The remaining fabric is arranged in layered drapes across the centre of the window. To give your scarf swags a unique, personalised finish, apply your own embroidered design.


What You’ll Need

• tape measure

• fabric

• pins

• ribbon

• Brother embroidery machine and design software

• embroidery thread


Start by working out how much fabric you will need. To do this, measure from where you want the swag to end, and then continue up and over the curtain pole. Multiply this figure by two. Now measure the length of the curtain pole and add that to the figure. This gives you the total length of fabric you’ll need. Work out the design you would like for your embroidered finish using the appropriate software for your Brother embroidery machine.

Making the Scarf Swag Valance

Now you can make your scarf swag valance. Fold the fabric in half lengthways to find the centre. Make a line down the middle with pins to hold the fabric in place and stop it from slipping. Use your Brother embroidery machine to apply the design you have created to the scarf swag. Use only top quality embroidery silks so as not to damage the fabric.

Next, loop the ends of the fabric around each end of the curtain pole. The part of the swag that drapes across the curtain pole now needs to be arranged in soft layers. Use more pins to hold the material in place as you work so that it can’t slip out of place. When you’re happy with the result, fix the scarf swag to the curtain pole by wrapping the free end around the pole and pulling it down through the fabric to create a simple knot.

Finishing Touches

Now that the swag is in position, you can carefully remove all the pins. Add ribbons to the swag to create shape and colour contrast. If your client wants to change the style or look of their valance in the future, all they have to do is remove the ribbons, untie the knots, and adjust the valance accordingly.

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