Chances are, you already know the answer to this question. Down in your basement, amid the dusty covers and creeping shadows, lie many of the casualties of your attempted embroidery sales. Unless you are a collector, there isn't really any need to add more clutter in the form of machinery you won't use. But if you are not satisfied with the sewing machine you currently use, then perhaps it's time for an upgrade.

Many an embroidery project gets forgotten or put to one side because the buttonhole doesn't look right, or the machine keeps skipping stitches when you sew bulky items. After ploughing through a marathon of sewing, even the best domestic sewing machine is never quite the same.

This is because they aren't built for use over extended time periods, and the only answer is to opt for a machine that can cope with your work rate and keep performing at a high level. The industrial sewing machine, in this case, may just be the solution.

sewing machine needle

What do I look for, though?

The simple answer is "it depends". There is definitely a strong argument that ownership of certain brands or types of sewing machine really makes you appear more professional. But there are other, more specific, questions to ask yourself:

- Would you like to have a cull of mediocre machinery to declutter your home?

- Are you looking to use sewing to supplement your income, and would a professional-looking stitch help with this?

- Do you work with jeans, canvas, leather or sequined fabrics?

- Do you want to make accessories by combining different materials together?

- Are you thinking of making things like quilts or handbags?

- Do you spend more than four hours a day, every day, at the sewing machine?

If you answered "yes" to many of these questions, and you don't feel your needs are currently being met, then yes, you need to add to your fleet of sewing machines. With a different type of machine, you will have much more versatility and functionality at your disposal.

Experts will tell you that your machines are like your paint brushes; you will learn what each machine is best at, and use them when you need to. But if you are serious about an embroidery business, then a range of good sewing and embroidery machines is essential.

For more information on our sewing machines, and to find out how we can help you invest to grow your embroidery business, please feel free to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.