Mastering the art of sewing can be difficult, as it requires a lot of patience and you may often find yourself making small mistakes that can undo hours and hours of work. Our first part of the common sewing mistakes series showcased issues such as having the wrong machine, measuring accurately, and paying attention to the buttons.

This second part will address a few other common mistakes often done when sewing, to ensure that you find learning how to sew a happy endeavour with less frustrating mistakes. 



When learning to sew, you might be tempted to buy a pattern with multiple colours and designs. You might even decide on a completely different fabric than the one advised, thinking that it will be fine. You will, however, find that you won’t be able to complete your project as desired.

Patterns typically have suggested fabrics to be used, and these are selected to suit the finished garment’s structure the best. If you choose a fabric just because you love it, you may see your project stay unfinished.



You should begin by aligning the selvedge edges of your fabric and ensuring that is smoothed flat. Certain pattern pieces need to be cut on the fold of the fabric, and these should be the ones to focus on first. Make sure they are aligned with the folded edge and see how many of each piece you need to cut. You will find that some patterns need only a single cut piece, but others could require more pieces.

Always ensure that you buy extra fabric – when you’re starting to sew, you may find that you don’t cut your fabric accurately and, in the end, you might not have enough for your pattern.  


Pay Attention to the Needles

Using the wrong needle is a gateway to ruined fabrics and a lot of frustration. You can find needles specifically for stretchy fabrics and for fabrics such as leather and metallic. The needles need to be matched to both the cloth’s weight and to the purpose and the project you’re undertaking. You also need to change your needle regularly to guarantee both a smooth and an accurate finish.

Although often challenging, sewing is always a great skill to acquire. Learning how to sew can truly provide you with a hobby that brings you great joy – and it’s always great to impress friends and family with your newly acquired skills! Should you need any help knowing which machine or parts to buy, simply get in touch with our expert team on 0113 242 9378. We’re always happy to help and advise you on anything you might need.