It’s not easy to be innovative. It’s even harder to be innovative when there is pressure to bring new products to market faster than the competition, and with just as much attention to costing detail as design detail. But that’s where we’re at – that’s life in the corporate furniture industry. If it were easy, it’d be boring. And we all like a challenge don’t we?

Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd continuously strives to provide the best technology, equipment and machinery for their customers to help them stay at the top of their production. The Senator Group has used Stocks for much of their production needs when it comes to machinery, from Durkopp Adler industrial sewing machines, to the high powered, uniquely programmed KSL CNC machinery.

Just over 12 months ago, The Senator Group took delivery of a large CNC Sewing machine from KSL; part of the Pfaff group. The project was long and rightly very detailed, but with the combined history of Pfaff and the expert guidance from the team at Stocks Sewing, the equipment was up and running to the exact requirements of the production team.

Richard Shilton, the Continuous Improvement Manager at The Senator Group said “The machine is so accurate that we can stitch intricate patterns covering the entire sewing ‘pallet’ and then return to the same point we started at. Not roughly the same area – the actual needle hole! Patterns that may previously have taken upwards of an hour or so, can now be completed in a fraction of that time. So the machine will allow us to improve upon previous processes – all very good when putting a justification document together, but it also allows us to take strides into a world of furniture design which were previously unachievable.

Sewing lines can be perfectly straight, or curved to a specific angle and all adjusted with the click of a button – and a little computer wizardry. It allows us the freedom to be a little more creative with our thinking and design new products that perhaps previously we wouldn’t have imagined.

A year or so onwards I’m sat typing this in a beautifully designed chair, with parts sewn on by the machine, happy that the investment was worthwhile. Whilst it’s not easy being innovators, the only limitation is our imagination.”

Stocks Sewing Machines Ltd are the sole UK distributor for KSL CNC sewing machinery. With over 45 years in the industry, their knowledge is of the most valuable, and will assist any person to finding the perfect machinery for their needs.

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