Even though the weather is getting warmer, and the sun has got his hat on (a knitted hat!) there’s no need to put the knitting machine in hiding. Through summer there are still many knitting trends which are present that can be easily worn, cool to wear, and even cooler to make. Here at

Here at Stocks we like to keep you on top of contemporary trends, and what your machine should be creating as we are in the flourishing months of summer. As a business, it is vital you keep on top of industry trends and clothing and apparel patterns so you can reach your audience at every interest point.

1.Knitted Capes and Tunics

In summer you may think that some textiles may be too heavy to wear, but a lightweight cape can be the perfect stable to an outfit, and your businesses collection. We have seen many cape styles in fashion trends this summer, proving that this can work in knitting also. If you want an even more lightweight summer feel, maybe opt for a lace tunic, which is subtle and airy. It can be as simple as two seamed rectangles. A multi-gauge machine for Fast Linking can create a higher production rate and give you even more options for sewing programmes. Linking is particularly important when creating any cape or cardigan related items.

2.Summer Scarfs and Shawls 

A scarf or a shawl can be the perfect coverup garment in the summer. It can fit snug in your customers bags and is the perfect item if coverage and warmth is needed when the sun goes down. If you use a hearty linen, wool or a silk yarn it can be wrinkle proof and even lighter to pack. Use an eyelet pattern, and maybe some lace trellis stitch edging for that extra chic look for your customers. 

3.Vibrant Tops and Sweaters

A lightweight pullover is a key trend not only in summer 2017, but one that may be timeless. For a summer, maybe opt for creating sleeveless garments, or short sleeved. Work it in two flat pieces and join at the body, working the machined knitting to the underarm. Stitches for the sleeves could be picked up around the armhole. The hem is a key point in knitted tops and sweaters. By opting for a machine with a hand stitching feature you can get every detail perfect, including the hem. 

4.Big Jumpers

If you’re thinking big Jumpers are just for winter, you’re wrong! One of the best garments to conquer in the world of knitting is an oversized jumper, and your customers will still be buying and loving them in summer time. In the UK, we aren’t the luckiest with weather, and this can be the perfect alternative for a summer dress- a knitted jumper/dress! These are also a great (and cute) alternative for a toddler to keep them cosy! Consider your target audience and what products you will be creating the most.


Socks are not just a practical item, but also a very fashionable one, and as we see knitted socks becoming more and more prominent, we can see them playing a huge part of summer trends. Even in catwalk and high street fashion we see funky socks being paired with all types of shoes and boots! Whether you are attending a festival or a restaurant, we think knitted socks are the ideal accessory whatever you style! Be sure to invest in a top of the range toe closing machine in order to create seamless perfection.

If you love the idea of summer knitting, Stocks sewing have all the equipment you could need. For knitting and socks, we provide high-quality machinery, manufactured in Italy for high-quality linking and toe closing. If you would like to know any more information, feel free to get in touch.